Tiger Narendra Seva Dal  is  organization   registered  with  632/2011 on  08/12/11.The organization formed with the inspiration of our great leader Tiger Narendra (Ex-Central Minister).Its Respected President is Mr.A.Vinay Kumar  who is also Publicity Secretary with Bharthiya Janatha Yuva Morcha (Greater Hyderabad). The organization aiming to transform the state in to a modern & progressive . The organization which works hard for the development of Economically backword people.
We are organizing more activities for students like cricket tournaments, educational information and also providing job opportunitiesin various sectors. By TNSD organization we are explainging to people about Right to Act Information(RTI).
Related Organizations

we are working with related organization like Barathiya Janatha Yuva Morcha (BJYM)

Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP)

We are organizing Greater Hyderabad Inter college Cricket Tournament " Tiger Narendra Seva Dal cup 2011 " from 23rd to 25th Decmber.
Chief Guest Sri. G. Kishan Reddy   State BJP President.